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Oh! A blog post?

It’s 2020. And I’m starting a blog I guess.


I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s just to do something else with my time.

Maybe its to keep people updated on my work and the projects I’m currently involved in.

Maybe I want to write more.

Maybe its because I’m sick of Instagram and the way the platform functions.

I don’t know what this blog is going to become. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about. 

Maybe this will become more of a photo journal. Forcing me to be more active about publishing updated work, rather than posting something I think is going to perform well on a social media platform. 

On a blog there are no algorithms, no other content creators to compete with. I hate asking myself “is this post going to hold someone’s attention?”

Maybe that’s why I’m starting this blog. Because I want my work to be more than just a photo with a caption. I want someone to do more than tap it twice and keep scrolling. And if you’re here reading this, I’ll take that as a sign you’re interested.

So, welcome! I’m excited to share more of my creative work and thoughts through this platform.




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