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December Music Rundown

Under 100,000

This is a playlist released bi-monthly for you to discover artists that have under 100,000 monthly listeners. Music of multiple genres. No clear theme or structure. Hopefully, you’ll find a song to put on a playlist of your own. 

Weapons of Anew – Sick Boy

Shinedown vibes, solid meaning, translating the effects of social media and different online/geographical cultures into a solid well-rounded song

Dylan Owen- A time to move on/We were only kids then

Feeling nostalgic? Dylan is a true poet. Writing beautiful songs about life as it happens. If hip-hop isn’t your pace, there’s still room to read his lyrics and appreciate them in a spoken word format. With songs like A Time To Move On and We Were Only Kids Then, Dylan captures the essence of life and the process of growing up.

Lizzy Marella- How Do You Sleep?

Lizzy sings about the heartbreak as a young adult in her hip-hop/pop mix song How Do You Sleep? With a great range and solid beat, Lizzy’s voice gently guides you through her story that you might also relate to.

Luna Shadows-Waves

Alternative pop artist Luna Shadows audibly paints the perfect picture of a sunset joyride with your friends in her song Waves. Perfect summer road trip accompaniment. 

Cassidi-Stupid Boys

This one is for my ladies who are going through a breakup. Let Cassidi sing you through your hurt, and say what your thinking.

Taylor Watson-These Days

These Days is the only song Taylor has on Spotify, but it’s a track worth putting on your playlist. A reminder to unplug, and stay connected with the things and people you care about in your day to day life. It’s true that you never really know a good thing until it’s gone. 


Another one of those songs perfect for the summer road trip playlist. An upbeat, catchy, and whimsical alternative-pop track. Makes me want to dance on the beach with my friends.

Georgia Webster-Tell Your Mom

If you’re nostalgic for Taylor Swift’s transition phase between country and pop, you’ll find it with Georgia. With clear nods and inspiration from Swift, do I dare say Webster is the country Taylor we lost? You decide!

Teo & Jay-Insomnia

Might just be a rip off of Shawn Mendes’ Senorita, or you can give it a chance to be its own thing. Rhythmically the two songs are sisters. But lyrically, Insomnia comes from an alternate universe.

Grenon-Imaginary Friends

Young kids rocking out. With hits like Goodbye and Imaginary Friends, this band is one to keep an eye on. Lead singer Kacie Grenon has a strong voice and leads every performance, comparable to Lacy Strum or Lzzy Hale. 

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