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February Under 100,000 Playlist

Hi all!

It’s been a bit hasn’t it…

I’ve got something a little exciting for you all, and it’s a playlist! I spent the last month searching for artists on Spotify who had under 100,000 monthly listeners and put some of my top picks in a playlist. The idea is to share new (and possibly unknown) music with you all, in hopes you find something you like!

I did this back in December too, you can find that playlist here: http://madelinerheaume.com/2020/12/21/december-music-rundown/

Find the play list here:

Sad Heroes- Houses

Sad Heroes is an Alt-rock band made up of brothers Avi and Shmu Turner and Zach Szydio. Their newest single, Houses, is a well-rounded song that feels complete through and through. This band plays incredibly well together, and I’m excited to listed to what they release next.

Sam Island- Slow Down

Sam Islands music can be described as lo-fi hip hop meets Glass Animals and Radio Head. The song on the playlist, Slow Down, is so other worldly and magical. There’s clear style and technique on display here. So if you’re into more experimental sound, this is definitely an artist to check out.

Visible Colors- Feel the Ground

Feel the Ground is a chill, upbeat, Indie sounding tune that reminds me of other artists I listen to such as Gypsy & The Cat and Empire of the Sun. Its a bop.

Brady Lee- I Can Do This All Day

This is the country/pop track on this months playlist. Brady sings about a lazy stay-cation afternoon accompanied by a cold one. It’s a fun tune that’s also very easy to sing along to.

Monroe- Tides

Now we take a turn genre-wise. A 180 straight into hard rock. Not metal, but hard rock. I like this one because the chorus is solid, and the drums are fantastic.

The drums in this intro…A+

Eddie Atom- Run Away Run Away

Here’s a great instrumental song for your study playlists. Eddie Atom’s work is reminiscent of 8-bit video game music but with a modern twist. I really enjoy it. I can see the story being told as it progresses in a “level like” manner, much like a classic video game.

With a discography dating back to 2015, there’s plenty of music to keep you going on those long late nights studying. Definitely an artist to check out!

ADLR- Daydream

Another instrumental artist for you! ADLR is a house music creator that combines real instruments with electronic music to create his work. Funky approved. 10/10 recommend for your next party playlist.

Turner- Mercy Brown


Turner was founded in Orono, Maine and these boys bring the heat! Mercy Brown is a hardcore punk song that packs a punch and makes me miss in person shows. This song would create a mosh pit for sure.

NovaNine- Darkest Before Dawn

Synth pop instrumentals that have a serious 80’s electronic vibe. I think of neon lights and street racing listening to this song. Not sure if you’ll like this one? Well, do you like the Stranger Things intro? Yes? Ok, you’ll probably like this. 😉

Grant Nesmith- Dreams of the Coast

This song is waiting to get put on your summer road trip playlist. It feels very organic and genuine.

Its the montage at the mid way point of a coming of age movie when the main character has a realization they’re on an adventure and they actually start enjoying the ride that is life.

Glasslands- Deadman

A solid, well rounded rock song that you should have on your playlist if you’re into the genre. I’m not sure how this band isn’t super mainstream yet. Need I say anything else?

Helene Michele- Hush

A mid pace pop song about hopeless love. Helene’s voice is gentle and sincere. Great beat, and rhythmic build ups that pay off when the chorus comes around.

The Holy Knives- Possession

Taken from the artist bio on Spotify: “The Holy Knives could be imagined performing at the Bang Bar from Twin Peaks or playing in a True Detective episode.”

I feel like that blurb there perfectly embodies this vibe this band gives off.

Slow moving, epic sound that has a few art rock qualities. So if you’re into that, check The Holy Knives out!

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