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Day 3, and 4…

It’s slowly taking shape.

On day 3 there were some more discoveries inside the cab. Including a whole set of keys and old prescription drugs. I find it so strange, the things people will leave behind in their cars. How does one just forget about a set of keys?

Both days included cutting pieces of square tube for the back of the cab and sheet metal to fill in where the sunroof once was. You’ll see how the back of the cab is being tacked together in the photos. The original rear doors have been cut and reattached, revealing the true size of the cab. At this point, I think it’s fair to say there’s less material being taken away from the truck, and now pieces are starting to get put back on.

Another important detail I should mention would be that after I left on day 3, the boys cut another few feet off the back of the truck. So if you think it looks shorter than last time, that’s because it is. The question now is will it end up being a 6ft or a 4ft truck bed? Place your bets now.


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