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Day 1

Sometimes it’s not about looks, but about vision.

Day 1 in the garage. I stand behind the filthiest piece of crap I’ve seen in a long time. Mud caked on nearly every inch of its surface. The vehicle’s lining and interior are getting ripped out and tossed in a pile not far from my feet. Not sure what I’m about to get myself into, but I’m fully committed to the process and seeing it through. Even if I’m just the girl who’s here with a camera. 

Let’s back up for some context.

Back in late August, Alec sent me a text. A few words for build-up followed by 8 photographs of a mud-covered Land Cruiser. A few text exchanges later and I’ve learned it’s his most recent purchase, it’s a beast, and it’s getting cut to be transformed into a pickup.

And so I, a creative with no current personal projects, intrigued by the idea of being back in a workshop, asked if I could document its transformation.

And here we are. Day 1.

Come along with me, a mere civilian photographer, as I document this custom car build. It’s going to be a long ride, but I hope to do it some justice.


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